Neurofeedback Wellness Retreat


  • 10-night accommodations in a private suite 

  • 3 meals per day, chosen by you plus drinks 

  • Initial brain mapping assessment that will be reviewed with you by a Psychologist 

  • 20 hours total of Neurofeedback sessions (2hr per day) 

  • A follow-up brain scan and consultation with a Psychologist will be offered 4 months after your last session to measure your results. 

  • One on one life & wellness coaching daily 

  • Wellness program 

  • Personal life plan

  • Yoga class 

  • Private session with Holistic Nutritionist 

  • Daily CD meditations 

  • All-inclusive private retreat & care 


*Part of this can be covered by benefits plans* Check with an insurance provider 


*Must attend for 10 nights unless you live in Calgary Alberta.* Pricing for 5 & 7 nights will be different. The pricing below is only for 10 nights. 


Neurofeedback therapy is a form of biofeedback that uses EEG (electroencephalography) that measures brain waves and teaches the brain to function optimally. Through this process, sensors are placed on the head to measure electrical signals which are then relayed back to you in real-time. An inhibit and reward system allows the brain to learn the desired patterns of functioning. Prior to the start of the retreat, we will do an initial brain mapping assessment to determine treatment protocols. You will review those results with a Psychologist prior to beginning your treatments at the retreat. 

During the brain training sessions, we use an auditory system (via headphones) that converts brain waves into musical tones, chime sounds, and other music to encourage more ideal brain wave patterns. 

Over time, your brain will learn to engage in these ideal patterns regularly. This technique is beneficial for brain injury recovery, mental health concerns including ADHD, cognitive enhancement, improved sports performance, better sleep, and increasing energy, focus, motivation, and mood. Find & Fix the Root of Even the Most Complex Neurological Problems.

$1224 per night plus tax & gratuity *for a 10-night retreat*