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8 Day ARDR/Sound Therapy&Healing Retreat


*7 night minimum* *Check out our ARDR page to learn more!*
ARDR/Sound Therapy is a proprietary PTSD/STRESS & TRAUMA technology that was created through the use of ancient healing/wellness frequencies linked to specific audio panoramic intensity manipulation. 

The orchestrated fundamental frequencies are fully enhanced with proprietary harmonic convergence to energize audio perception and emotional attachment. As an ARDR client, you will receive a restful and highly intensive audio journey and will be exposed to the important wellness properties of ancient frequencies and complex harmonic structures.

This technique is beneficial for mental health concerns including ADHD, cognitive enhancement, Depression, Anxiety, better sleep, and increasing energy, focus, motivation, and mood. 

More info about ARDR:

1    EEG shows increased cross-hemisphere activity
2    EEG shows increased memory activity - freq. dependent
3    85% of all clinic clients experience improvement
4    45% of all clinic clients experience significant improvement
5    EMDR resistant clients respond to ARDR
6    ARDR administrated up to 36 hours prior to talking appointment increases client engagement
7 Self-discovery of issues are common with ARDR
8    For those who have been through various therapies, the typical comment is ARDR did not fuel the fire like previous therapies
9    Clarity is the most often cited benefit, often expressed as the lifting of brain fog
10    Calmness is the second most cited benefit
11    Tears are common in first sessions for clients with grief or trauma with no talk
12    Built on the fundamental principles of EMDR but using sound
13    ARDR is the only tool that adds an emotional component

-7-night Accommodations in one of our private suites 
- 3 meals per day, made fresh, plus drinks 
- 10 hours total of ARDR/Sound Therapy sessions (2hr per day) 
- One on one Mindset Coaching Sessions done daily 
- An in-depth self-development program 
- Private Yoga class 
- Reiki 
- Private session with Holistic Nutritionist 
- Daily CD meditations 
- All-inclusive private retreat & care 


Gratuity and taxes not included in per night price

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