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Wellness Tips

Here are 6 wellness tips that you should integrate into your daily and nightly routine

  1. Meditate before you go to bed

  2. Meditate when you wake up in the morning

  3. Find a wellness retreat

  4. Do yoga every day for 15-60 min

  5. Drink water with Lemmon, cucumber and lime

  6. Get a life coach

  7. Join a wellness group

  8. Find a nutritionist

  9. Learn about something new monthly

  10. Take a course

  11. Pre make your meals every Sunday

  12. write down or say six things that you’re grateful for make sure you include your health

  13. go outside and absorb some vitamin D daily

  14. Take a multivitamin daily

  15. Tell the people around you how much you love and appreciate them daily

  16. eat small meals every three hours

  17. Dance and sing outbound

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