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What is Neurofeedback? Neurofeedback is a powerful technology that can improve the functioning of your brain and is especially effective in the treatment of conditions such as chronic migraines, ADHD, depression, anxiety, Mental Health and more. At Supporting Wellness, we utilize NeurOptimal neurofeedback technology that works by harnessing the natural power of your own brain. Recognizing problems is the first step to correcting them; so, if your mind is going to fix itself, it needs to learn to identify the issues. Neurofeedback is like holding a mirror up that monitors your brain’s function for any changes in electrical activity and then provides feedback to your central nervous system. Neurofeedback encourages your brain to naturally self-correct. Training your mind using neurofeedback can result in greater mental capacity and improved flexibility. How does it work :It works the best on kids & adolescents, because their brains have more neuroplasticity. I'd have to know more about how the individual's brain injury happened (congenital or injury) to really make a better assumption on results but I can say that it can help overall with any injured brain. I've seen it myself with the people I've worked on with concussions. Blake Ausmus (Psychologist) at Sano State who has done neurofeedback on over 5,000 patients. He is fully involved in the process and has a virtual consultation with the patient to review their brain scan (QEEG) and discuss treatment prior to the actual treatment. Any questions you have will be answered in advance. About Neurofeedback: Best if you can watch the videos of the homepage of our website: But in short - the brain is terrible at "looking at itself". Attaching electrodes to the scalp, our technology simply reflects in real time what the brainwaves are doing and puts it into audio (headphones). The brain can "see" what it is doing and can correct its negative patterns based on the individual brain training programs we create based on the brain map of the client (increasing alpha waves or delta waves in different parts of the brain for instance). We aren't putting any electrical signals into the brain - it corrects itself based on the feedback. Real long term lasting Results!!!

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