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Somatic Therapy 

Somatic Therapy, What is it and Why does it Work:

What is it:

Somatic psychology is a form of psychotherapy that emphasizes somatic experience, as well as therapeutic and holistic approaches to the body. According to psychodynamic psychology, the body was only recently included in the range of techniques that might be applied in a psychodynamic context.

A mindfulness-somatic intervention based on neuroscience to help the physical body release stored trauma impacting the body's overall health and wellness. Through posture, movement, mindfulness, and breath the client will begin to release PTSD, anxiety, connect with mind-body regulation and begin to bring forward an overall sense of wellness and health. 

Somatic therapy is a sort of therapy that aids in the treatment of post-traumatic stress disorder and the impact of other mental illnesses. During treatment, this sort of therapy connects a person's mind and body to use psychotherapy and physical therapies.

It takes a body-centric approach to treat the symptoms of PTSD and other mental and emotional health disorders by connecting the mind and body.

Why does it work:

Somatic therapy utilizes body-oriented methods such as breathwork and meditation to accompany patients through their recovery journeys, while also incorporating talk therapy for overall mental and physical healing benefits. As opposed to traditional mental health therapy types that prominently just focus on the mind.

Rather than simply settling difficulties orally, this therapy strives to assist the release of how a physical body holds on to stress, tension, and trauma.


The aim is to assist a person in developing new thought patterns and habits that will allow them to respond more effectively to diverse situations or emotions as they arise. This is why this sort of therapy can provide our clients with the tools and abilities they need to achieve long-term results and advantages even after the program is completed.

When is it used:

This type of trauma therapy can be used to help address both physical and psychological symptoms of certain mental health issues, including:

Substance or Behavioral Dependence 
Trauma and abuse
Problems with relationships

And more

Somatic experiencing therapy can help those who have tried but failed to find success with more typical treatment modalities.


How do we implement this:

Our experienced mental health specialists are one of the first in Alberta to provide this cutting-edge therapy along with other wellness services all in one convenient location.

As part of our wellness program, we provide this therapy in our one-on-one and group coaching sessions. When combined with our other wellness offerings, we can offer a one-of-a-kind clinic that can help any and everyone!

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